Climate of Canada

Climate of Canada

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Most of Canada has a temperate climate, rather mild, in the north – subarctic. Average January temperatures range from −35 ° C in the north of the country to +4 ° C in the south of the Pacific coast. July – from +21 ° C in the south and from −4 to +4 ° C on the islands of the Canadian Arctic archipelago.

On the Atlantic coast as a result of the interaction of continental and Atlantic air masses, the weather is unstable, in winter there are frequent storms and heavy snowfalls.

Weather forecast for major resorts and cities in Canada.

Canada Hotels

In Canada there is no unified classification of hotels, and the approximate level of the hotel is indicated by letters. For example, T (Tourist Class) – economical and budget hotels and motels, F (First Class) – the usual “three-star”, S (Superior) – average four-star hotels, and D (Deluxe) – well-deserved five stars.

Mains voltage – 110 V, 60 Hz, sockets – standard “North American”, with grounding.

Breakfast is not included in hotel rates. In Canada, one of the best camping systems in the world. Cities for tourists are near all major cities and in all national parks.


The country’s monetary unit is the Canadian dollar (CAD), at 1 dollar 100 cents. Current rate: 1 CAD = 48.45 RUB (1 USD = 1.32 CAD, 1 EUR = 1.43 CAD).

It is better to change the currency in banks (they usually do not charge commissions), exchange offices, large hotels, airports, railway and bus stations (but commissions there can range from 1 to 10%). American Express and Thomas Cook traveler’s checks are accepted everywhere, as well as Visa, Master Card and American Express credit cards.

Banks are open on weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00, on Friday they close at 18:00.

US dollars in Canada are not accepted everywhere. Moreover, the attitude towards them, especially to hundreds of bills, is quite wary. In large Canadian banks, such problems usually do not arise, but non-cash payment methods — checks and cards — are still preferred.

Offers to exchange currency “with hands” should be refused immediately – almost one hundred percent this is a clear fraud.

Shopping and Shops in Canada

The most “Canadian” souvenirs that are definitely not made in China are maple syrup and ice wine. Grapes for this original wine are harvested after the first frost, when the bunches are covered with a thin layer of ice.

Traditional dream souvenirs from Canada also include the Dream Catcher invented by the Indians. As well as figures of police officers in a characteristic hat, beavers, moose and bears – in various variations, a wide range and in any pocket.

Shops are open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00, but some department stores close at 21:00. On Thursdays, trading ends later, but on Fridays and Saturdays – much earlier. On Sundays, only souvenir shops and some small shops are open.