Cocaine and Alcohol: Canadians Ahead.

Cocaine and Alcohol: Canadians Ahead.

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Statistics and reality. Canada was in second place in the world for cocaine use, second only to Scotland. However, along with Canadians, cocaine is consumed by residents of Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Denmark and the UK.

The authors of this study emphasize that the cost of cocaine in Canada is almost a third lower than the average in the world. They also note that in Canada various combinations of drugs are much more popular, representing a serious risk to users. According to another survey, Canada ranked third in the world for drunkenness. As it turned out, the average Canadian resident drinks heavily for 47 days a year. According to this indicator, Canadians were only slightly inferior to residents of the United Kingdom and the United States who get drunk 51 and 50 days a year respectively. Half of Canadians surveyed said that they would like to reduce their alcohol use, while twenty percent believe that professional help is needed to beat their drinking habits.

Some experts, however, believe that the results of this study do not fully reflect the real extent of drunkenness in different countries of the world, and that Canada is likely to be somewhere in the middle of the world ranking of booze.

Green Utopia.

How to do away with the economy. The Green Party of Canada presented its election campaign environmental program. According to the authors of this program, humanity is facing an imminent threat of death due to global climate change. This threat requires radical solutions, which are proposed in the program with the quite Hollywood name Mission: Possible.

The main goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by 2030 to 40 percent from the 2005 level. This installation is absolutely unreal, and for its implementation it will be necessary to stop industry, transport and other sectors of the economy.