Embassy of Canada - to Jerusalem.

Embassy of Canada – to Jerusalem.

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In the event of coming to power,the Conservatives will transfer the Canadian Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.This was announced by the head of the federal Tories Andrew Shire.By the way,for the first time it was promised to make the head of the conservative government of Canada, Joe Clark, back in 1979, but his stay in power was short-lived.

The current Canadian liberal government has refused to follow the decision of the Donald Trump administration regarding Jerusalem. In addition, Andrew Shire promised that Canada will enter the American missile defense system, which, thus, will close the territory of the two countries from all directions. In his speech, the head of the Conservatives also promised to pursue a corresponding policy regarding threats from authoritative and non-democratic countries.

According to Shir, China and Russia are the main threat. The speech by Shire was devoted to criticism of Justin Trudeau’s foreign policy. In particular, he called Trudeau’s last year’s visit to India the most disastrous visit of the head of government in the entire history of Canada.

The press reports that Ottawa has failed to come into contact with persons authorized to make decisions on the sharply deteriorated relations between Canada and China lately. According to The Globe and Mail, Beijing just ignores Canadian requests. Recall, by the way, that before coming to power, Stephen Harper was a consistent critic of human rights violations in China, but this did not prevent the Conservative government from successfully developing relations with this country.

Disagreement with migration.

Record discontent. Canadian immigration system is not designed to accept illegal migrants and can not cope with their flow. This conclusion is made in the next report of the federal generators. The report says that if the Trudeau government does not take immediate action, then migrants who wish to obtain refugee status will have to wait for a decision for at least five years – while remaining dependent on Canadian taxpayer.

The question remains whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose ill-advised invitation provoked a flood of migrants, was aware of the overload of the immigration system.What do Canadians think about this? A survey conducted by the sociological service EKOS, again reminded that many Canadians do not agree with some features of the immigration process. 40 percent of respondents believe that too many non-European races are arriving in Canada. This opinion is shared by 71 percent of supporters of the Conservative Party, 28 percent of supporters of the NDP and 19 percent of supporters of liberals. Such sentiments are especially characteristic of Alberta (56 percent of respondents) and Ontario – 46 percent. In British Columbia and Quebec, the rejection of non-white immigrants and refugees is muchmore modest:31 percent and 30 percent, respectively, and in the Atlantic provinces only 21 percent.