Green Utopia.

Green Utopia.

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How to do away with the economy. The Green Party of Canada presented its election campaign environmental program. According to the authors of this program, humanity is facing an imminent threat of death due to global climate change. This threat requires radical solutions, which are proposed in the program with the quite Hollywood name Mission: Possible.

The main goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by 2030 to 40 percent from the 2005 level. This installation is absolutely unreal, and for its implementation it will be necessary to stop industry, transport and other sectors of the economy.

The program proposes to restructure the entire economy in accordance with the requirements of the fight against climate change, stop the development of all new natural sources of oil and gas, halt the development of nuclear energy, make the transition to “clean” energy sources.

The authors of the program promise to create millions of new jobs with the help of energy-efficient repair of buildings throughout the country, which will be required by homeowners. In the spirit of wartime, the “green” program proposes to create a “survival cabinet” with the participation of all federal parties, which will become the de facto leader of the country in the face of a battle with the climate.

By the way, despite all international obligations and carbon taxes, in 2017 the level of carbon dioxide emissions decreased by only 2 percent compared to the 2005 level.

The fate of the aborigines: genocide?

New definition. For the first time in the country’s history, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights called the policy of white settlers against Canadian Indians a “genocide”.

Unlike the United States, the Indians in Canada were not subjected to extermination, and the Allied help of the Indians greatly helped Canada in the war against the United States. Formerly, in Canada, attitudes toward Indians were described only as “cultural genocide”, referring primarily to boarding schools for Indian children, where they were trying to make “civilized” people out of them. Now this dramatic page of Canadian history is called “genocide” without any additional softening definitions. By the way, recently Canadian senators voted to remove one of their colleagues from their work, who believes that boarding schools for Indian children also had positin sides. Defining the relationship between immigrants and Aboriginal people as “genocide” secures the status of victims for the indigenous people and gives them much greater opportunities in defending their territorial, political, economic and other rights, as well as in demanding compensation for the damage caused to them and historical injustice.